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Federal, State, and Local Municipal Agencies

Dedicated to providing support to government agencies, MyMedChoices™ offers a significant reduction in the cost of healthcare without sacrificing the quality of care delivered. We provide all government employees with high-quality health and wellness options working with government agencies in the United States, and internationally.

We also collaborate with third-party medical administrators delivering services on behalf of GHIP participants, explaining how the Center of Excellence benefits overlay with government organization’s existing health plans, and how these benefits work with an IRS-qualified high deductible plan.

To ensure the happiness and health of our clients, we provide all GHIP participants with a private care coordinator whose services include support with locating a provider, handling all medical data collection, appointment setting, travel arrangements, and follow-up care coordination.

Doctor's Appointment


We offer the following services and healthcare products to Government agencies:

  • Addiction services

  • Bariatric surgery

  • Cardiac services

  • Dental services

  • General surgery

  • Gynecologic services

  • Osteopathic medicine

  • Orthopedic medicine

  • Wellness assistance

  • 24/7 Telehealth monitoring worldwide

  • Vegan Skin Care Products

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