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  • Mary Schreiber Swenson Phd.

'Instagram Face’ Trend Boosts Growth of Plastic Surgery MedicalTourism Worldwide

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

While Instagram only came on the scene a mere 11 years ago, it’s penetration in the psyche of global society is undeniable. As becoming an influencer has become popularly accepted as a viable career path and posting constant selfies has turned from a form of narcissism and into an encouraged act, so has risen a new trend: Instagram face.

Originally brought to light in a 2019 New Yorker op-ed, Instagram face is one all social media users know well: high cheekbones, full lips, a button-nose and perfect symmetry. Embodied best by Instagram superstar Kylie Jenner -- likewise known for her alleged attachment to plastic surgery -- many women across the map have likewise turned to their local surgeons to achieve this highly-desired look embodied by many of their favorite influencers.

Still, while going to a nearby doctor can be convenient, many ‘Instagram face’ hopefuls have turned their sights toward medical tourism to get their fix. As clinics around the world arrange their patients a full luxury experience -- flights, cushy hotel rooms, and access to the top surgeons in the world -- more and more people are opting in to this comfortable and cost-efficient alternative that allows them to recuperate with ease.

This very trend has been reflected in the market: since 2015, the very same year Jenner went public about her lip injections, the medical tourism market was valued at between $60 and $70 billion. Now, as following social media standards continues to become increasingly popular, medical tourism is anticipated to grow 8.8 percent by 2024, representing a marked trend toward the surgery trips’ societal acceptance.

The next time you encounter someone, online or real life, with this uber-popular ‘Instagram face,’ just know they likely traveled far and wide to the best-of-the-best surgeons abroad to receive it.

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Be Well!

Mary Schreiber Swenson, PhD

Founder |CEO

My Med Choices

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