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  • Mary Schreiber Swenson Phd.


Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Today, it's possible for patients to receive healthcare guidance and care from the comfort of home. With telemedicine, existing and new patients can safely and conveniently access to high-quality care 24/7. Telemedicine offers an alternative to in-office visits while you are at home.

Expanding the reach of your practice and the delivery of care

As an advanced solution for the delivery of care, telemedicine offers you the ability to consult and treat patients remotely while having access to the clinical resources available during an in-office visit. Telemedicine not only helps you to expand the reach of your practice, but to also provide essential services in a healthcare crisis, sheltering-in-place, or quarantine situation. For patients who may be homebound for one reason or another, telemedicine can serve as a lifeline to care.

Simple and easy to use

Both your patients and staff will appreciate how easy it is to set up appointments, initiate visits, and have an informative, productive session. All a patient needs is access to a smartphone or computer browser and to perform a few simple steps to begin the visit. And, beyond offering patients a simple and convenient way to access care, telemedicine also protects patient data with HIPAA-compliant software programs and design.

A useful resource for the delivery of care and the management of your practice

Why incorporate telemedicine into your practice? The answer is simple. In addition to expanding the reach of your practice and broadening a patient's access to care, telemedicine includes many features that seamlessly integrate information that is useful to the delivery of care as well as the management of your practice.

For the practitioner, some of the many useful telemedicine features include:

  • Pre-visit questionnaires

  • Effective methods for collecting essential information on vital signs and other health data (with wearable devices, cameras etc…)

  • Allows the performance of screenings for physical and/or mental health conditions

  • Integration of workflow, documentation, and record-keeping

  • Usage analytics

Bringing more care to more patients

The delivery of care has entered the digital age! Telemedicine offers an excellent way to demonstrate your commitment to the ongoing health and well-being of your patients.

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