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Travel for Wellness

When we think of traveling, we think of images of sandy beaches and luxurious hotels, not visiting the doctor, right? Well, the truth is that more and more Americans are traveling for medical treatment overseas and domestically. Terms like medical tourism and traveling for treatment are becoming big travel buzzwords, and it’s easy to see why! Going abroad for treatment, or just traveling outside your geographical area, can help Americans save a substantial amount of money on medical bills. 

We contract with the top wellness facilities, dental facilities and Medical Centers of Excellence.

One of the main reasons people are broadening their horizons is that healthcare is often less expensive in other countries. It’s no secret that the US healthcare system is one of the most expensive in the world. The same procedures performed in the US are often 30% to 65% less in other countries.

On average, the cost for each medical tourist is about $3,800 to $6,000 per visit. Most American medical tourists who go abroad do so because they lack health insurance, or their current health insurance doesn’t cover certain conditions, or maybe they are seeking cutting edge procedures and treatments not yet approved in the US. 

How We can Benefit You through Travel for Surgical Treatment

Today’s workforce expects more out of their employee healthcare benefits, including the option to travel outside their geographical area to access specialized treatments. We help businesses and government agencies provide their employees, retired employees, and dependents with superior options by negotiating with Centers of Excellence and healthcare providers on bundled payment plans.

Centers of Excellence are identified; These are healthcare facilities and providers that provide specialized service with the greatest outcome and best result on each episode of care. We also integrate our industry-leading tele-health platform into our pre and post-op care.

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