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When it comes to health risks, women and men are not the same. Women need to be more informed.They need to understand what health conditions pose the greatest risks, and what options are within and outside their geographical areas. Our care coordinators will assist you in maximizing your health and wellness options, helping you to understand the leading concerns for your health, and provide you with information about Centers of Excellence to allow you multiple choices when it comes to your care.

Due to this need, MyMedChoices™ offers a “brainer beauty” with a women-empowered approach to wellness. We facilitate health and wellness travel to domestic and international locations so you receive the proper care. While our services are not limited to women and also include care plans for employers, we have a unique expertise in women’s healthcare needs.  We will guide you through the entire episode of care with your trusted physician, hospital, therapist or wellness provider. And we promise you will have transparency in pricing, better results, and peace of mind!

  • My body
    My medicine 
    My choice

    Tired of feeling like your doctor doesn’t listen to you? Physicians downplaying women’s health concerns and pain management is a huge issue in medicine. Women deserve access to high-quality healthcare. Our Centers of Excellence work to provide services tailored to women’s concerns. Receive the dedicated care you deserve.

  • Women-first
    Care Coordinators

    Our care coordinators specialize in meeting the unique healthcare needs of women. Every step of the way, we are here to listen to your needs, coordinate care procedures, and follow up to ensure your health and wellness

  • 24/7 
    Telehealth Access

    Our proprietary Telehealth platform allows our members to have 24/7 access to healthcare through our Apple and Android app. Anywhere around the globe, patients will be able to see and speak directly to their doctor.

  • Holistic

    Health is about doing what’s best for you. For women who love their bodies and want to find different ways to nurture their mind, body, and soul, MyMedChoices offers a mindful approach to medicine.

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